Gamification – Excite in a playful way

Playful elements awaken the joy of discovery in us.

Gamification is the transfer of typical game elements into unusual applications to increase motivation. Therefore, Locandy uses elements such as awards or interactions to make the multimedia guides even more interesting and interactive to their users. Each audio drama experience is backed by a game mechanism that makes exploring an environment even more fun and allows users to discover it with all their senses.

Storytelling – humorous and fascinating stories

Storytelling is a key element in our daily communication.

Good stories have a lot of potential. They motivate, impart knowledge and experiences, reduce complexity and organize our world. In the various interactive theme trails Locandy combines the method of storytelling with gamification and location-based services, allowing stories to be told on site. In doing so, they draw attention to the peculiarities of the environment and impart knowledge. They are intended to awaken emotions and astonish the audience, thrill them and appeal to all their senses.

Edutainment - entertaining knowledge transfer

Storytelling and gamification increase the joy and motivation for learning

The interactive audio drama experiences of Locandy inspire, because they combine humorous and fascinating conversations with playful learning. The users are led to special locations. In doing so, the users have to actively move and can explore their surrounding with all senses. The various adventure trails impart knowledge and increase the users’ awareness for nature, traditions and history, preserving them.

Multimedia-Guides - gateway between the digital and the real world

Stories should be experienced in a playful way.

The Locandy audio drama experiences connect the digital world with reality. The Locandy App offers users anecdotes, stories or information closely linked to the real world. The users are not supposed to simply consume, but to become active themselves. They are animated to not only act within the app, but also with their surroundings and the environment, allowing them to experience stories in a playful way.

Digital nature trails – easy to manage, expand and change

Multimedia guides can be managed, changed quickly and adapted via the Locandy platform.

Locandy doesn’t just create multimedia guides but is a platform for digital nature trails. Interactive and location-based media can be created, organised and supplied with its help. All guides can be accessed free of charge via the Locandy app on smartphones. The theme trails advertise each other. The platform allows regions to grow innovatively over time. They can gradually create a multimedia offer for their guests and link their sights.

Diversity – always on the move, from station to station

Each guide promotes movement and the variable building blocks allow for individuality.

A multimedia guide always consists of routes and stations. With routes users are led to a station with the help of interactive elements, such as compass or rangefinder. As soon as a station is reached, the content unlocks. This can happen through different technologies, like GPS, QR codes or iBeacons. Once users have completed a station, they continue with the route description for the next station. Both in the route and in the stations various interactive elements can be used, such as multiple-choice questions, text match tasks or inventories. Thus, every guide can be designed individually and adapted to each application.