About us

We bundle competences

Michael Ölhafen

CEO, tourism expert

Dr. Thomas Katzlberger

CTO, software developer

Julienne Schult

Biologist, germanist

Romedius Weiss

Software developer

Armin Pfurtscheller

Software developer

Nina Eder


Dr. Thorsten Schwerte

Univ.-Prof., biologist

Irene Prugger


Dr. Barbara Thaler

Art historian

Gerd Pircher

Illustrator, historian, educator

Florian Klotz

Energy consultant, friend of future

Anna Brunner

Graphic artist, illustrator

Joachim Frenner

Graphic designer

Peter Lerf

Composer, sound engineer

Our development partner

Together with our development partner we can offer interactive experiences of the highest quality, from concept to technical implementation.

Subsidised potential for the future

Different sponsors have recognised the innovative power of our idea and offer security through their financial commitment.


The Austrian Research Promotion Agency has supported Locandy in the development of the mixed-reality media player. In the FFG base project (duration 1/2012 – 6/2013), the player was developed and brought to market maturity. The system includes a web portal, an Android and iOS app. The LOCANDY web platform offers the possibility to create, organize and distribute interactive location-based media.

Innovation promotion Tirol

The innovation promotion Tirol supported the project “Beacons and real effects for the LOCANDY mixed-reality media player”. Technologies based on Bluetooth Low Energy were developed, to allow indoor localisation and radiocommunication via smartphones. LOCANDY expanded the mixed-reality media player to integrate these technologies, bridging the virtual and the real world. Users should be able to make changes in the real world through their actions in the virtual world.